Why You Should Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Why You Should Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Let's face it, the air outside isn't always the cleanest. Whether it's smog from vehicle and factory emissions, pollen, forest fire smoke, dust, or any of a number of other airborne particles and gases, the air outside is full of unseen pollutants.

But outdoor air quality is only half the battle. Inside our homes and workplaces we fight air pollution from household products and chemicals, building materials (e.g., asbestos), pet dander, tobacco smoke, mold, and other harmful gases. According to the EPA, the concentration of some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. Further, the average American spends approximately 90% of their time indoors, while those populations that are particularly susceptible to airborne illness (e.g., the very young, older adults, and those with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions) will spend even more time indoors.

Indoor air quality doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon either. With the increasing prevalence of synthetic building materials, personal care products, pesticides, and household cleaners, indoor pollutant concentrations have been on the rise.

Whether indoors or outdoors, overexposure to harmful waste gases and particles can lead to a number of serious health conditions including respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. In less serious cases, it often leads to irritation of the ears, nose, and throat, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

One of the simplest steps you can take to improve the quality of air you breath is to change your air filter frequently. Dirty air filters lead to indoor and outdoor pollutants circulating through your home over and over again.

In addition to changing your filter, it is a good idea to vacuum, dust, and change linens frequently. Use all-natural household products when possible and if your allergies or asthma is particularly bad, and indoor air purifier can cut down on irritants that trigger your symptoms.


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