How Much Time Do Americans Lose Buying Air Filters?

How Much Time Do Americans Lose Buying Air Filters?

Remember that last Saturday when you were so determined to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning? The snow was melting, the sun was finally out. It was only 45 degrees outside, but you hastily changed into your Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts in time to stumble out the door to survey your home. It’s okay, we did the same thing. Maybe you’re a new homeowner, or a seasoned veteran to the mad rush in springtime to take care of your home. You proudly procure your carefully kept list of to-dos on your iPhone notepad. The first thing on your list, the air filter hasn’t been changed in 5 months. You hop into your car to traverse the freshly paved roads to your local hardware store.

You get there and are immediately overwhelmed by endless rows of aisles with everything from doorbells to riding lawn mowers to paint cans. Where the heck are the air filters? You hunt around for an employee for about ten minutes and finally find one camped out behind the wood panels in aisle 11. He then asks you the dreaded question: “What size are you looking for?” How can there be different sizes? Can’t you just buy a one-size-fits-all filter and breeze home to more pressing to-do list items? Grumpily you leave the store and head back home.

Once you get back, it takes another 20 minutes scouring the basement for the filter vent and spinning the filter in circles trying to figure out the size. Do you need a measuring tape? No, there’s the size printed on the side. Now in a sneezing fit from the dust particles you sent flying everywhere from your long overdue-to-be-changed filter, you climb back into the car. Back at the store, you find the same employee still trying to balance 2x4’s on top of each other like Jenga blocks. He takes you to the filters and now another question. What quality should you get? After 10 minutes of scrolling through Google, you finally pick one out and are able to check out.

Back home you change your filter and then go to the thermostat to test out the AC. Only, it’s not working. What’s wrong? After some investigation, you discover the AC isn’t starting properly. It’s backed up with debris that your air filter didn’t catch because it was too old. You realize this simple project is going to turn into several more hours and hundreds of dollars. You sink back into your leather sofa, utterly defeated.

Remembering to change your filter regularly can be tricky, and going through the effort to go to the store, pick out the right size, and replace the old one can be such a hassle. If you forget to do it, it can cause serious problems for your HVAC system. Let us simplify for you. We have all the information you need to determine which filters to purchase in one convenient location. Once you place your order, we’ll send you custom filters on a regular schedule you choose so you never have to so much as lift a finger.

What could you have gotten done on your to-do list if you hadn’t spent that whole Saturday being tortured by your air filter?


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